Lap of Love runners off to a great start!

The 2017 5K was a huge success. We saw a great turnout from BDF students and families and members of the Athens community. All of our participants had a wonderful time, and as always, the runners in the Lap of Love were the most energetic group of the day. It is so much fun to watch youth from both our program and the community come together for a dash around the parking lot. We were so appreciative of the runners, families, and friends who stayed after the race to cheer on our competitors and especially Mrs. Howard’s second grade class and families from Westminster Christian Academy.  As always, the bubbles at the finish line were a huge hit with everyone!

Many thanks to volunteers from the Kohl’s Cares Program who came on Friday to help us get organized and ready for Saturday when the runners arrived.
A special thanks goes to the UGA Equestrian Team and our other volunteers, who did an amazing job of keeping the event running smoothly. From registering people to helping direct runners down the correct path, your efforts were noticed and deeply appreciated. We would love to see you all at our upcoming events.

We would also like to thank Briarwood Baptist Church for allowing us to use their wonderful facilities, Sandy Parsons for her dedicated assistance, and our incredible sponsors. This year we raised nearly $12,000 in 5K sponsors. We appreciate all of you, especially the three sponsors who have been with us for 10 years: Law Office of Donald Hansford, Pediatric Partners and Publix. Your generosity was vital to our success, and we hope you will continue to support us in the future. Thank you, Ms. Rubye Sullivan, for the beautiful handmade butterfly awards in memory of George and Will Chamberlin. It is an honor to be able to provide these awards each year.